Ronald Bullock |

Brief Biography of Ronald M Bullock

Since leaving school in 1956, author Ronald Bullock started work as an apprentice mechanic. Later he left the garage work and joined British rail as a cleaner, graduating to Passed Cleaner/Fireman. When the diesels began to take over from steam engines and firemen were no longer needed, Ronald left British rail. He took on the position as tire-fitter and also worked as a large van driver for a food distribution company, but when he was 21, he joined the RAF and became a RAF Policeman. After three years, he was medically discharged because of stomach ulcers.

After working in a factory for a couple of years, Ronald got a job as a HGV driver and stayed in that role for a few years, also having his own vehicles on lease. After finding he was just about breaking even, he got rid of them, and he then did a short spell of continental driving but gave that up and returned to delivering around the UK instead. In his spare time, he took up oil painting and had paintings displayed in the local gallery in Walsall. In 2005, his painting A Gift from the Gods, won a place and displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum Art gallery in South Kensington, London for nearly two months. His display certificate was a real thrill for him.

In 1972, even though he was working, Ronald had the idea to write a book so he started writing the script for it in long hand. After a few months he purchased a typewriter and taught himself to type. In 1999 he purchased his first computer and began the work on the book. It was published by a vanity publisher who was a con man and in 2001 went into bankruptcy leaving Ronald with a large amount of debt. Ronald carried on working as a HGV Class1 driver and then he had the book published again but before the five year POD contract was up, Ronald sent three emails to the publisher ending the contract because of certain behavior of the publisher.

However, having to fight to regain his health after a series of strokes in Christmas (2001) which had left him partially paralyzed, Ronald fought back to regain his speech and to be able to drive his car again and to walk with a stick. Undaunted Ronald was persevering with his writing and for the 14th time, he re-wrote his book until he was satisfied that readers would like it.

Now being in a reading group at the local library not far from where he live, he let his reading group read the finished manuscript and also the book two and three scripts. The response he had from them made him even more determined to get himself established as a writer. His Deadly Diversions Books 1 and 2 are published by AuthorHouseUK.

Ronald now has finished Deadly Diversions Book 3 and is halfway through Deadly Diversions book 4 in the Deadly Diversions series, of which he hopes to complete 15 books total. He wishes all his readers good reading and hopes they enjoy his books. He has put hundreds of hours in working to bring his books to near perfection as is possible, being determined to be a success as a writer. Now he is working with AuthorhouseUK to bring that dream to reality not only for himself but also for his partner Winifred Price who has stuck by him through it all.